Monday, 30 March 2015

Beauty Haul - March 2015

I do love a good beauty shopping trip, especially when you nip into Boots, and this Haul is no exception. It is a mix of the old, the new and when you finish a sample and buy a full sized product. So this is bit of a mix bag of all those three so lets get to it.

My Eczema is a little bit on the bad size at the minute and i do love a bit of E45 to help me out. I have never tried the body lotion, but as some of my others are a huge no, i would rather have a lotion that will not make it worse. I also love a good bath but when you have eczema it is difficult to enjoy but this bath oil, because your skin really plays up. I have used this for years. This is especially great in the winter but who doesn't love a bath when you have had a hard day?

Since my favourite tea tree flower mask seems to have vanished by this brand, I decided to pick up this Salicylic acid clay mask. I have been meaning to try this one so i was happy to pick this up. I do suffer from a lot of Acne, with any hope, the change may be worth it.

I have heard so many things from this brand of shampoo recently and since my hair loves organ oil, this was the perfect opportunity to pick this up. I really can't wait to see how this makes my hair feel after a long days work.

After walking around the store, my final stop was the Clinque counter and my my, this was dangerous, and luckily could have been a lot worse, but i was good and picked up only what i needed. Luckily too it was bonus week. 

I finally finished my Dr Organic moisturiser, and after loving a sample of this, i picked up the moisture surge full size and i could not be happier. I also caved and picked up the bottom lash mascara which i have been meaning to do for some time. My bottom lashes are so tiny and i end up with more mascara under my eyes than i have on the wand, so this was a worth while investment. 

As for clinique bonus time, when you bought two or more products, you would receive this gift bag. It included an exclusive eye curler, a dramatically different moisturising lotion +
 a take the day off make up remover, a blushing blush in pink love, a chubby shadow stick in shade lavish lilac , the high lengths mascara and of course this fancy exclusive make up bag. I love getting free gifts and everything this bag i would happily use. I am thrilled. This is something more brands need to do more often. Free Gifts like beauty boxes's are a great way to try products and i have never tried a lot of make up from Clinique so i'm excited to try out the chubby eye stick and blush.

And that's it for my little haul in March, what have you been picking up or what do you plan to pick up as we come into April?

Let me know in the comments.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. 

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