Monday, 11 January 2016

Kate Spade Cedar Street - Handbag and Purse Review.

So I had been after a designer handbag and purse for quite some time, and I had always really loved the Kate Spade collection for many reasons. Luckily the sales were on my side and i was able to get my hands on something special.

The Kate Spade Cedar Street range is one of my favourites, the Black especially is very classy and very simple. 

The handbag itself is a reasonable size as I wasn't after a vey large bag. My reasoning for this as when I go out, I don't want to be carrying tones of stuff with me like I have in the past, so I picked a bag where I could ensure I would only take essentials and my purse with me.

I also wanted something high quality which i can use for years to come as i have had a lot of cheaper bags and purses which really don't last me more than a year, so it was time for me to invest in something i could keep.

I did also want a bag in Black. I just find a black bag goes with absolutely everything, and as it seems i am, like many, going through that whole Monochrome style, I know it will fit the now and the future.

I too wanted something a little bit different. A lot of people where I live are really into Michael Kors, Louis Vutton and Mulberry (albeit it sadly you can tell a lot of it is fake), and I just wanted to be a little bit different. Kate Spade really isn't as huge in the UK as it is in America, so i was happy to find something designer that I felt made me look a little bit unique and not like everyone else.

Michael Kors, the affordable side of it, which was sort of the same budget I spent on the Kate Spade wasn't at all my style. I can't say I very fond of the Tote range everyone seems to be buying and the colour range isn't really my thing at the moment. I think the only ones I didn't mind were far into the £1000's which are so far from my budget I could never see me buying one.

I do like Mulberry, but personally right now, I cannot justify the price of that bag, and with me still being young, i wouldn't live with myself if i spent that much and accidentally ruined it. Not just that with wanting to get myself a car this year (if i pass my test) which is to me a much more at the minute, worth while investment than a bag i felt i needed to go down a notch. The one I like isn't in Black either, so this will be an investment maybe later in life when i feel like my life is a little more settled.

I went to several stores to check this bag out before i purchased it, and i did a lot of research on what people had to say online and i really was sold on it. It has been a few years in the making of purchasing these two items, which i would advise. It was one i came back to looking at time and time again and never regretted it.

When I received it i really was happy with leather quality which is is top notch. The bag itself feels sturdy and long wearing, and the brushed effect on it really adds to the design which I didn't really think i would love, but i really did. 

The lining of the bag is beautiful, the gold foil lining is beautiful of the spots and spades, and even the gold spade stuff is such a beautiful touch. The bag does not have any sections but it does have pouches and a zipper pocket. The pouches are useful for your phone and even passport if you are travelling and the zipper for anything you think might get lost in your bag. 

You can clearly see the quality of the bag and how much goes int the detail, even on the bag zip, the Spade logo stud is on the zip. All of the hardware is gold which I do really love, I think it is very classy on a white bag. I find silver hardware on the black can be a bit dull and just doesn't seem as classy as gold. 

The same can be said for the quality of the purse which i was able to luckily get with the gold hardware, which it seems they have now switched for the silver hardware. I don't think i understand why they have done this because the bag and purse will no longer match.  

I really wanted the lacy over the stacey as i wanted enough room to be able to put my coins and cards in, this purse I really feel has so much space, especially compared to my old Cath Kidston red spotty  case.

I love the little spotty design, I don't mind that this is mismatched because I really love how well the black and white goes with the black leather and white design. I think the layout of the purse is great,  the zipper in the middle, coin slots to each side 6 cards slots on each side. What is also amazing is that it has two spaces for notes. This is a great for me as Europe is one place i go to every year as my dad lives half the year in Italy, so having that space so i can have Euro's in one side and Pound notes in the other is really going to be handy. 

All in all, for the price i paid (which actually was less than current as I got both of these in the sale) I am very thrilled with my purchase. Of course these are expensive, but I feel the price was right for the right moment. I know this bag and purse will last me for years to come and I can rest assured I know i will love this bag for a long time, and when it comes to it, i won't regret spending on this when it comes for a new change. 

DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored post. 

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Casetify iPhone 6 cases - Stay Gold and Marble collection.

I was on the hunt for a brand new iPhone 6 case, the only one i had was one of the first ones that were readily available and the case was getting more and more ruined so i needed something new. . So I decided to search the web and came across this site Casetify which i was thrilled with. The site hosts thousands upon thousands of amazing designs for your phone case and I was utterly spoilt for choice on which I should pick and these are the two i chose from the bunch. 

Hearts - This case is from a brand new collection called Stay Gold. This collection is a gold foil collection which is printed onto the design of the case which is a first i have ever seen like this, which really caught my eye. When you move the phone with the case back and forth (as demoed on the webpage linked) it reflects back at you and i thought that was such a cool idea. I can't say it does it as well than in the gif's on the site, which i was a little disappointed with, but it does look pretty good. What I also like about this case is the simple design, as a lot on the site have really loud patterns, which aren't really my thing. 

Gold Marble - This was designed by Mara Olga Klara, I can't say any of her other designs struck me, but this one i fell utterly in love with. I have to say i am a huge fan of the marble effect phone cases and other accessories, but I wanted something different from the standard white, grey and black ones i have seen. I think the gold element really made the case, it looks more unique and gives off a kind of classy effect to it. It isn't reflective  like the Heart case from the stay gold collection but the design really gives off the illusion that it does which is extremely clever.  

What i love about the cases is the band around the outside, i can really see how hardwearing and sturdy the case is, which i know if i drop my phone (which i have done) it will not break and will protect it.

I also love how the case allows you to clip in and out the back designs so you just need one frame. I wish i knew this though and i think Casetify really needs to change it's marketing on this because a lot of people could save a lot of money and even consider buying more backing case clips. This could have saved me some money, but i think i will find a use and give the case as a gift to someone and order some more back clip designs for myself and one for this case.

The pricing is fair, but if like me you live outside the USA you will be charged a fee to change this into dollars, so please be aware of this before purchasing, the products also get made in Hong Kong and ship to your country so please be aware if the item takes time to come.

All in all, i was extremely happy with the case and the postage service, i really have fallen in love with these cases and i think i will for sure be looking to order more from this brand and even for my iPad.

Note: This post is NOT sponsored by Casetify or any partners. 

Sunday, 3 January 2016

2015 in Review

Hi there everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a Very Happy New Year. 

I am sorry for my long absence, a lot of things happened this year and i wanted to briefly put them in review which i feel will clear up with my gap and will help me to move back into this year blogging with a clean slate. I feel like i'm letting you all in on some personal stuff here but i feel this will help me with the move into 2016.

At the Start of the year my Grandmother was sick and sadly had to be put in hospital. Over Christmas  2014 it was the sickest I had ever seen her and throughout January she didn't improve, except for one day, she was up and well and seemed like all was going to be ok. This was the last time she was ever going to be well and the last time i saw her would be my very last. She passed on the 20th January 2015. 

What makes me most sad, is she is the only grandparent i've really luckily had chance to spend time with. My other grandmother died when i was five and I never met my grandfathers at all.It was a funny feeling to deal with but i kept on and i kept blogging and posting as well as getting on with my life.

Life was a little slow, and then my father told me he was going to work in Venice for a year, this struck me a little, knowing his mum had just died and i was being left again by him. It wasn't any easy feeling but i guess now i am used to it.

The year went from ups and down, work got busy and life just seemed a little slow and not a lot happened. But i passed my theory test in April, which was something i really didn't think would happen.

June was a good month, my friends and I went on a day trip to scarborough which was really fun, we did all the cheesy typical things, the rides, the arcades and getting chased by seagulls on the beach and it was the hottest June day of the year. I also got to see Taylor Swift live, which was really awesome (I will be doing a blogpost about this soon) and she was really amazing to see live.

Life then got slow again, work got insane, we are in the middle of so many new product launches and a rebrand and it has felt like the most insane work year of my life. 

 But then the break came and I went to Venice to see my Dad, Venice is beautiful and a really stunning city to see, i even saw it flooded which for the first time going to Venice must have really been first time visitors luck. It truly is a stunning place and i am excited to visit this year.

I also went to see the Curious incident of the dog in the nighttime, i can't say my friends were that impressed with it, but i truly loved the show. 

Sadly then life took another sad turn, my uncle began to get sick, he went into hospital suffering from only minor sickness, but he was terminally ill with Cancer. We were up night after night, as nurses called my aunt and cousin in. And on October 29th, we lost him after a long battle.

This year has been a year of few ups and many downs, I lost two people who i love and dearly missed, and really i have felt more and more disconnected from friends and people in my life. It has been a hard one. This year, I want to change that. I want to do more, and maybe hope these people in my life feel like they want to reconnect more. 

I also will be getting back into blogging, the first few posts i want to do two posts on my trip to Venice and the Taylor Swift tour. I have a few things coming up in 2016 which i am looking forward to and hopefully i can plan more once i pass my practical test. 

Thank you so much for your support and i look forward to posting more this year. 

Lauren x

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Affordable Office Wear - Recent Purchases

As i work in the office, i thought i would share a few office wear items i have been purchasing to not just look the part but feel comfortable in the part. As well as that, sometimes office clothes can be a little on the expensive side, unless you know where to look, so here is my affordable office wear recent purchases guide.

H&M Suit Trousers - £14.99  - These are the most comfiest and great value for money trousers i can find. Usually in a lot of places you can easily spend £25+ on a pair of trousers, so these are a steal! I got myself a pair of Black and Dark blue and will be getting my hands on the grey pair next. I just love trousers for work and the fact they come in so many different colours. These are comfortable, practical and when the weather isn't so great, especially when the summer downpour comes, trousers are a great way to keep warm and protected from the rain. I have found these trousers dry quickly too, so if you need to run to your car etc to get to work, you won't be feeling drenched for long.

Sleeveless Blouse - £12.99 - I love these style of shirts, which are very Japanese inspired with the new cut at the top. They are very practical and for summer keep you cool. I love the simplicity of the top and the lack of sleeves mean you will keep cool in the office all day. 

Petite Navy Sleevless Shirt - £10.00  - I loved the first shirt so much i found this one in Dorothy Perkins, so i decided to pick this up. This one is a little longer in the body but still feels and works in the same way as the top from H&M. I was shocked this was in the sale too as such a good price, and of course being in the petite range, which i wouldn't say i am petite but i can sure get away with wearing this range. 

Petite Crochet Top with Lace Collar -  £10.00 - I love Crochet and this cute collar in this sleeveless top is beautiful, and when i saw this in the sale isle, i had to get this. The shirt is the perfect length and adds that even to the front. It is very work practical and is sleeveless for the summer months. Complete bargain! 

Petite Sleeveless Top - £12.00  - I do love a good pattern, and as the rest of my choices so far have been a little on the plain side, i decided to switch it up with this top. I adore floral print and this is no exception, throw in a peter pan colour and this makes the perfect pretty top for the office. I was shocked this item wasn't in the sale and was excellent value for money. Perfect when you don't want to spend a lot for work wear. 

Stripe Sleeveless Top - £12.00  - I saw a top similar to this on New look but was sold out, and i couldn't find it in three stores that i tried. So i was glad to find something practically the same on Dorothy Perkins, it throws together casual and office all in one.  It keeps you cool in the summer and looks great. I do think i might wear this more out of office as it seems quite long and doesn't work too well with anything but a skirt. But i'm sure this will be excellent to rock with jeans or denim shorts. Even better this was in the sale!

Short Sleeved Floral Dress - £14.99 - H&M make some excellent office dresses and this really caught my eye, it's simple yet elegant and it really looks smart. I love the floral patterning on it and this dress fits so well in all the right places. 

I hope this little edit gives you an idea of where to look. H&M and dorothy perkins are personally my favourite for office wear. New Look does too hold a lot of great things, and even with that, you can grab little pieces like this even in the sales, so keep your eyes pealed. Get out there and hunt down these hot bargains!

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Beauty / Skincare Wish List - July 2015

Sorry for the hiatus, life has been a little crazy but I'm back with a classic of mine, a monthly beauty / skincare wishlist for July. I sadly missed June as i didn't find anything really i wanted so here is July's version:

Off the Wishlist 

ST Tropez Gradual In Shower Tan - £14.50 - This came on offer last month so I had to pick this up and i have to say this is excellent, it leaves a lovely gradual tan and is way easier than some of their other products which I find streak. The only thing i will say is, do not leave it longer than recommended.  I sadly missed a few blobs of this on my feet and the dark tan spot is still there. 

On the Wishlist:

Max Factor Clump Defying Mascara - £10.99 - I have heard quite a few people rave about this Mascara and as someone who loathes those thick clumpy lashes, I think this product is one i need to try. I also do like the look of the wand, which is one shape i have used on other mascara's and loved. 

Tangle Teezer Compact hair brush - £12.25 - I love compact brushes and as the tangle teezer is a high rated brand, i would love to see what the fuss is about. As i am going on holiday in September, i want as many compact things to take, so i think this would be ideal for my travels and will ensure i don't have any damaged bristles like i have with other brushes. 

Loreal Tecni Art Full Volume Extra Moose - £11.49 - As i plan to change the style of my hair soon, i would love to give my hair some volume as i do it. I saw youtube Estee from Essiebutton use this and as i have had so many problems with moose, i think the nozzle on this would make moose applying so much easier. 

Pixi Make up Fixing Mist - £16.00 - I love when make up lasts all day and these little saviours in a bottle seem to do the trick, so i will add this to my wishlist simply on that basis. 

BY TERRY - Ombre Black Star Eyeshadows £29.00 These are all the trend at the moment and a complete dreamy wishlist item that i will never buy purely because of how expensive it is. I love the Kiko ones which are miles more affordable and would love to see how they compare.  

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Watch Brand's of 2015.

Watches are a part of fashion we all love, and not just love we admire. This one of the only devices when have really stood the test of time. Especially now since a lot of people use their phones to tell the time, and even technology itself has recognised how important the watch is by combining them together.

However, i want to go to the brands which i don't believe are so well known and talk about my favourite brands. 

 These watches are a women only brand, and span in a price range from £65.00 - £150. They come in a range of styles to suit every woman taste. The range spans the size and shape of the dial (round or square), the different straps which include, leather, link, mesh and double straps in a range of colours. The price depends on the type of watch you want, with more expensive button operation or bigger dial. For a lovely gift you would not be spoilt for choice as the range offers varying face designs from woodland creatures, floral or plain style. The range of metal finishes such as gold, black, rose gold and silver all avaliable for sale. I can see why these are very popular watches out there and definitely on the affordable range. The only downside is so far the range doesn't sell seperate watch straps so you can buy more than one to interchange or change when the strap is broken.  

Daniel Wellington Watches Men and Women 
This is a little more on the higher price than Olivia Burton but in comparison is still a lot more affordable than some out there starting from £99 - £179 for women to now with a new range coming for the men's range from £99 - £219. The difference from other watches is that the case is the only thing that changes from the choice of only rose gold and silver. The style of the dial does change from different styles and the size, however all the watch faces appear to be the classic white style. This is great for a person who loves the simple plain white style watch, but not for those who like a different edge to their watches. The part i do love a lot about this range is you can buy the straps separate, so if on first purchase you could only afford the fabric watch as it was more affordable you can buy the leather strap later and have two styles to wear. 

This Classic brand are pulling out all the stops in the higher mid range price ranging from £209 - £345 and come in very classic styles and case and face styles. They come in gold, rose gold and silver and really look stunning with their varying strap choices. In some way this brand is similar to the Daniel Wellington but with more case and face styles. I really do love their black style choice which the other two brands do not offer as it looks very classy and sharp. The brand also doesn't seem to gender specify it's watches and makes a lot of the range unisex, of course the brand seems more aimed at women, there are a few styles like the CM Black which both men and women can wear.

Fossil Watches Women and Men 

The Rose Gold range is well known as the lower costing rival of the Marc Jacobs rose gold range, but this brand has a lot more to offer. They have so many different watches for men and women in so many different ranges and span from the price range as little as £65 - £249 for women and £85 -  £695 so span a complete range and styles to cover whatever kind of watch you wish. I think the range is wonderful in it's many case and strap styles in many different finishes and the range gives you so many options, this is great and also a downfall as you might really be a bit spoilt for choice, however you can limit this on the price bracket. I do feel the brand are a little bit cheating on the women's range with only up to £300 on the price range, which means the range isn't as technical as the men's but maybe in time this will change. No pun intended. 

This is a British brand which has been inspired by the British Seaside and have two project lines avaliable from £115 with a range of different strapes and watch faces. This is a new upcoming brand and like the others it still manages to hold up it's own charm. I can't really say all the designs really make me feel like i am going to the seaside, which does confuse me a little as to why this is the theme. With disregarding that this isn't a brand that should be ignored and should be given credit for their work. You can also like the Daniel Wellington range choose the straps you wish to buy separately so have an endless choice of what to wear. 

Sunday, 7 June 2015

June Empties 2015

June Empties

It's that time for another empties post. Here are all the things that i have used up and i'll give you the low down on what i think about these products. 

Baremineral's Mineral Veil - 9g - £20.00 - I was shocked i even came to the end of this as this finishing powder never seems to end. However i do really love this and it pairs extremely well with the original foundation. My foundation stays on all day and looks flawless. Even though this is a mineral powder, it doesn't look cakey on the skin. I have already repurchased this.

Benefit - They're Real Mascara - £19.50 - I have really fallen out of love with this mascara and i really hope it takes a fall from grace this year as there are so many better mascara's out there. This mascara dries up so quickly, it clumps to hell and is just a horror to get off. 

REDKEN - Smooth Lock Shampoo - £13.80 - I adore this shampoo and i have repurchased this straight away. It makes my hair look and feel amazing. I also love the almond smell of it. I love anything that has heat protectant in it and this is a sure winner. 

Vichy Derco Shampoo for Sensitive Skin - £5.66 - For a good value shampoo, this is really excellent and a great balance for a high quality shampoo. This really cleans your hair and helps get rid of any dandruff that is in the hair. 

Sisley Black Rose Mask  - Sample Size - I can't deny, this mask was amazing, the sample size was such a teaser for the really expensive mask. I can't say it is worth the price but this little sample was a wonderful treat.

Rituals Fortune Scrub - £10.00 - I adore this scrub and finishing another of these was a pleasure. My back has never been cleaner. I already have a back up so and i'm already using it. The scene is so relaxing. 

Caudlie Beauty Elixir - £11.20 - I do love this as a little treat and another bottle has come to an end. I really love the smell and the way this feels on my skin. However i won't be buying a back up anytime soon. I am looking to try other sprays. 

Impulse tease - £1.99 - This is a easy peasy quick pick me up when you don't feel so fresh. Great to keep in your bag to get out when you most need it. I do like the scent but i think i will be moving back to perfumes to keep me smelling great as i don't feel this lasts very long. 

Sanex Pro Hydrate Shower Gel - £3.19 - Cheap, lasts a long time and is great on my dry skin, i really cannot fault this. I love a good shower cream as opposed to Gel and this one sits on top of my list. I cannot deal with all the fragrance'd shower gels so this one really keeps that at bay from irritation.