Tuesday, 14 April 2015

April Fashion Haul 2015 - Keep / Take Back

I'm slowly clearing out and buying out some new things for the spring / summer time for my wardrobe. Unlike before i really am making sure that i love every piece i buy and i refuse to buy items that i am not happy with for whatever reason it may be. If i make that error i always make sure i take the item back after a few days deliberating on where i can wear it and how. We all do it, we buy and we think we will wear something, and it gets left in the back of the wardrobe and we wonder why we bought it at all.

Floral Jersey Dress - £14.99 -H&M - This dress is stunning and i had been looking for the perfect dress for work. I love the classic cut and design of it. It also very comfortable to wear especially since i have been looking for more dresses to wear to work. VERDICT: Keeping, i have worn this and had so many compliments so far. Love it. 

Jersey Dress - H&M - £12.99 - I had been eyeing a dress which was very similar to this in topshop last winter but i couldn't justify spending £35.00 on a dress, even though i knew it would have got worn. When i found this bargain i had to purchase it and i know i will get some wear out of it when the weather is cooler during this season. - VERDICT: Keeping for sure, I managed to hold out and find the style much cheaper for something i know i will wear. 

Spotted Jersey Dress - £12.99 - I love the pattern on this dress, it is a really nice material but has a dropped back to it. I really cannot wear these dresses as i feel uncomfortable in them with the fit of the dress and also, i sadly suffer from a small but of back acne which makes me feel unforgettable exposing. VERDICT: Take back, this dress would end up the in the back of the wardrobe and never worn. 

A Line Top - £7.99 - H&M -I love this style top and for some reason i am OBSESSED. With stripes (If you couldn't tell from above) and this top i just fell in love with. I love the flattering shape and i love how the neckline is black. The top is also very soft. VERDICT:  Keeping, i love this and it is such a versatile top to wear. 

Light Denim Wash Jeans £7.99 - When i saw these jeans i was thrilled with the price. I wear jeans but i don't wear them too often because my skin needs time to breathe with me having eczema. The colour and price i was sold on. They don't look cheap either. VERDICT: Keeping, my old jeans were on deaths door and ruined and for this price i cannot go wrong. 

 Dark Denim Wash Jeans £7.99 - These are the same as above but a different colour, i was so thrilled with those i picked these up. These you can see they are cheaper but they fit really well compared to a lot of dark jeans i have tried. VERDICT: Keeping, again for the price and the amount i wear jeans i cannot go wrong. 

Daisy Shell Coloured Roll Sleeved Top - New Look - £7.99 - Bought in the 2 for £12 on logo tops - sale - I have just had a HUGE clear out of tops recently so i was on the hunt for some new ones. I feel in love with this one because it was different to a lot I have been saying and it seemed very fitting for Spring / Summer. Also loved the colour. VERDICT: Keeping, i've had so many compliments on this top and it's so comfy!
Cream  Love Heart T-shirt - New Look - £7.99Bought in the 2 for £12 on logo tops - I don't usually go for grungy style shirts but this one i really liked. I liked the symbolism of it. In even the darkest of hearts, love is always there. VERDICT: Keeping, I love everything about this shirt. 

Shell Brushstroke Heart T-shirt - New Look - £7.99 -  Bought in the 2 for £12 on logo tops - I was struggling a little when i bought this for the 2 for £12 but when i saw this i was very happy. It wasn't my first choice but is something i believe i can work with. VERDICT: Keep, I love these shirts and despite the design not something i was looking for, I did love this.  

Weekends I Love You Shirt - £7.99 - New Look  -  Bought in the 2 for £12 on logo tops - As well as tops to wear everyday, I was really after some lazy day weekend tops i can lounge around the house in with my joggers / PJ bottoms and up came this top. PERFECT. VERDICT: Keeping because we all do love a good weekend, especially myself who works weekdays.

Black Tre's Chic T-Shirt - £7.99 - New Look  -  Bought in the 2 for £12 on logo tops - I love simple slogan shirts and I have seen several models wear something similar and well i just couldn't help it. I aren't very stylish but hey can't hurt to try. VERDICT: Keeping, i really can work with this t-shirt, especially with the jeans i have just bought. 

Poppy Rose Midi Skirt - New Look and Sugarhill Boutique - £28.00 - A bit of a splurge product, however i have been looking for summer skirts that I really want to wear. As part of my clear out i have found a lot which i really now wouldn't wear, still new with tags on and haven't worn. I fell completely in love with this because i know exactly how to style this piece. VERDICT: Keeping, it may have been one of the expensive things i've bought but i know for a fact i will get some wear out of it. 

Black Textured Duster Coat -  New Look - £29.99 - I love duster coats and i have been meaning to get one. They are light and in the cold spring windy weather they really keep you warm. I really fell in love with this coat and ordered it online as soon as a i saw it. VERDICT: Not keeping, sadly when i tried this coat on, i really didn't fit on me well, I think maybe i ordered it in the wrong size but i looked drowned in the coat. I will be taking this back and seeing if a smaller size will suit. If not i might be after one in a different colour.  I am on the hunt for a duster coat.

Printed Shirt - Zara - £29.99  - I saw Zoella wear this in her video and i was obsessed. I have been looking for some more shirts for works and Zara always seem to be one place I gravitate towards. These shirts are a little more expensive than i'd usually pay for work but if i love it, i'll wear it. VERDICT: Keeping, i just love this shirt and it is perfect for Spring. 

Bird Print Shirt - £25.99 - Zara  - I love birds and i love cream shirts, and this was the perfect combination. I was really happy to find this shirt and i feel i can wear this in so many different ways throughout spring. VERDICT: Keeping, i feel this shirt is very versatile and i just adore the print. 

I will be posting a few of these as I go along updating my wardrobe and my verdict of keeping or taking back the items i choose. I  really hope you guys like this post and maybe it has helped you to choose if you really want to keep some of the items you buy before it's too late to take them back.

Let me know in the comments.

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