Saturday, 11 April 2015

April Music Playlist 2015

Here is my music playlist for April, since spotify has removed embedded coding access i've had to turn to youtube to showcase my love for music and to share with you guys what i have been into this month so far. So i have adopted a brand new format:

1. Walk off the Earth - Rule the World - This song makes me so excited for summer, i absolutely love this anthem type music and this band are growing from strength to strength. Walk the earth have found music fame simply through the youtube platform my doing simply covers and are now creating their own original music. One to watch this year. 

2. Mumford and Sons - Believe - Yes they are back and their sound is very new too, i absolutely love this song and this direction. The song itself is very simple but the execution really speaks. I cannot wait for their new album.

3. Florence and the Machine - What kind of Man - I love this song for message. No woman should be exposed to abuse and no woman should be afraid to speak out about being abused. I hope this song speaks out to so many people, men or women who have suffered and hopefully it may help some people get out of there. The song is powerful and really well executed and the video marries well with it. 

4. One Republic - I Lived - This song, like Florence's is right up the street of a great message executed well. I love the lyrics and the upbeat tone of the song is wonderful. It doesn't matter how beat up you get about life, you can get through it.

5. James Bay - Hold Back the River - This is a really chilled lay back track with such an amazing vocalist at the helm. It is perfect for these lazy sunny days anthem. I think James bay is going to be huge in 2015.

6. Death Cab For Cutie - Black Sun -  I have loved this band for years and years and this brand new song from them is perfect. For sure a perfect example of an amazing band who keeps making really amazing music. I can't wait to see what else they release this year.

7. St Vincent - Digital Witness - I like this song mainly for what it is saying, that basically a lot of our lives have become so consumed by electronics and we spend so much time on these mediums and not socialise like we used to. 

8. Florrie - Too Young to Remember - A fun pop song, which feels very throwback which i really love. I really miss the 90's and growing up in the 90's, it was so much fun, bar the horrendous fashion we went through that era.

9. Taylor Swift - Style - I love me some taylor swift and i am so excited to be seeing her live in June. I adore this song, it was one i really took to at the launch of the album. I love the lyrics and the song really does sound catwalk esk.

And that concludes for my playlist. What songs have you been loving this month?

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. 

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