Sunday, 7 June 2015

June Empties 2015

June Empties

It's that time for another empties post. Here are all the things that i have used up and i'll give you the low down on what i think about these products. 

Baremineral's Mineral Veil - 9g - £20.00 - I was shocked i even came to the end of this as this finishing powder never seems to end. However i do really love this and it pairs extremely well with the original foundation. My foundation stays on all day and looks flawless. Even though this is a mineral powder, it doesn't look cakey on the skin. I have already repurchased this.

Benefit - They're Real Mascara - £19.50 - I have really fallen out of love with this mascara and i really hope it takes a fall from grace this year as there are so many better mascara's out there. This mascara dries up so quickly, it clumps to hell and is just a horror to get off. 

REDKEN - Smooth Lock Shampoo - £13.80 - I adore this shampoo and i have repurchased this straight away. It makes my hair look and feel amazing. I also love the almond smell of it. I love anything that has heat protectant in it and this is a sure winner. 

Vichy Derco Shampoo for Sensitive Skin - £5.66 - For a good value shampoo, this is really excellent and a great balance for a high quality shampoo. This really cleans your hair and helps get rid of any dandruff that is in the hair. 

Sisley Black Rose Mask  - Sample Size - I can't deny, this mask was amazing, the sample size was such a teaser for the really expensive mask. I can't say it is worth the price but this little sample was a wonderful treat.

Rituals Fortune Scrub - £10.00 - I adore this scrub and finishing another of these was a pleasure. My back has never been cleaner. I already have a back up so and i'm already using it. The scene is so relaxing. 

Caudlie Beauty Elixir - £11.20 - I do love this as a little treat and another bottle has come to an end. I really love the smell and the way this feels on my skin. However i won't be buying a back up anytime soon. I am looking to try other sprays. 

Impulse tease - £1.99 - This is a easy peasy quick pick me up when you don't feel so fresh. Great to keep in your bag to get out when you most need it. I do like the scent but i think i will be moving back to perfumes to keep me smelling great as i don't feel this lasts very long. 

Sanex Pro Hydrate Shower Gel - £3.19 - Cheap, lasts a long time and is great on my dry skin, i really cannot fault this. I love a good shower cream as opposed to Gel and this one sits on top of my list. I cannot deal with all the fragrance'd shower gels so this one really keeps that at bay from irritation. 


  1. I'm glad other people have had issues with they're real and not just me! It was so dry and clumpy, I agree there are so many other mascaras out there that beat this

    1. I am so glad i am hearing this from someone else. It's utterly horrid and i will never buy it again. The thing is there are much cheaper brands out there that beat this miles and miles. I really hope more come up to trump this, even if it ends up being roller lash...

  2. Bare Minerals powders are gorgeous. Love your blog xx

    1. I completely agree i love bare minerals the most, it is my favourite brands. Thank you. I will check yours out, thanks for your kindness x