Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Watch Brand's of 2015.

Watches are a part of fashion we all love, and not just love we admire. This one of the only devices when have really stood the test of time. Especially now since a lot of people use their phones to tell the time, and even technology itself has recognised how important the watch is by combining them together.

However, i want to go to the brands which i don't believe are so well known and talk about my favourite brands. 

 These watches are a women only brand, and span in a price range from £65.00 - £150. They come in a range of styles to suit every woman taste. The range spans the size and shape of the dial (round or square), the different straps which include, leather, link, mesh and double straps in a range of colours. The price depends on the type of watch you want, with more expensive button operation or bigger dial. For a lovely gift you would not be spoilt for choice as the range offers varying face designs from woodland creatures, floral or plain style. The range of metal finishes such as gold, black, rose gold and silver all avaliable for sale. I can see why these are very popular watches out there and definitely on the affordable range. The only downside is so far the range doesn't sell seperate watch straps so you can buy more than one to interchange or change when the strap is broken.  

Daniel Wellington Watches Men and Women 
This is a little more on the higher price than Olivia Burton but in comparison is still a lot more affordable than some out there starting from £99 - £179 for women to now with a new range coming for the men's range from £99 - £219. The difference from other watches is that the case is the only thing that changes from the choice of only rose gold and silver. The style of the dial does change from different styles and the size, however all the watch faces appear to be the classic white style. This is great for a person who loves the simple plain white style watch, but not for those who like a different edge to their watches. The part i do love a lot about this range is you can buy the straps separate, so if on first purchase you could only afford the fabric watch as it was more affordable you can buy the leather strap later and have two styles to wear. 

This Classic brand are pulling out all the stops in the higher mid range price ranging from £209 - £345 and come in very classic styles and case and face styles. They come in gold, rose gold and silver and really look stunning with their varying strap choices. In some way this brand is similar to the Daniel Wellington but with more case and face styles. I really do love their black style choice which the other two brands do not offer as it looks very classy and sharp. The brand also doesn't seem to gender specify it's watches and makes a lot of the range unisex, of course the brand seems more aimed at women, there are a few styles like the CM Black which both men and women can wear.

Fossil Watches Women and Men 

The Rose Gold range is well known as the lower costing rival of the Marc Jacobs rose gold range, but this brand has a lot more to offer. They have so many different watches for men and women in so many different ranges and span from the price range as little as £65 - £249 for women and £85 -  £695 so span a complete range and styles to cover whatever kind of watch you wish. I think the range is wonderful in it's many case and strap styles in many different finishes and the range gives you so many options, this is great and also a downfall as you might really be a bit spoilt for choice, however you can limit this on the price bracket. I do feel the brand are a little bit cheating on the women's range with only up to £300 on the price range, which means the range isn't as technical as the men's but maybe in time this will change. No pun intended. 

This is a British brand which has been inspired by the British Seaside and have two project lines avaliable from £115 with a range of different strapes and watch faces. This is a new upcoming brand and like the others it still manages to hold up it's own charm. I can't really say all the designs really make me feel like i am going to the seaside, which does confuse me a little as to why this is the theme. With disregarding that this isn't a brand that should be ignored and should be given credit for their work. You can also like the Daniel Wellington range choose the straps you wish to buy separately so have an endless choice of what to wear. 

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