Sunday, 2 August 2015

Affordable Office Wear - Recent Purchases

As i work in the office, i thought i would share a few office wear items i have been purchasing to not just look the part but feel comfortable in the part. As well as that, sometimes office clothes can be a little on the expensive side, unless you know where to look, so here is my affordable office wear recent purchases guide.

H&M Suit Trousers - £14.99  - These are the most comfiest and great value for money trousers i can find. Usually in a lot of places you can easily spend £25+ on a pair of trousers, so these are a steal! I got myself a pair of Black and Dark blue and will be getting my hands on the grey pair next. I just love trousers for work and the fact they come in so many different colours. These are comfortable, practical and when the weather isn't so great, especially when the summer downpour comes, trousers are a great way to keep warm and protected from the rain. I have found these trousers dry quickly too, so if you need to run to your car etc to get to work, you won't be feeling drenched for long.

Sleeveless Blouse - £12.99 - I love these style of shirts, which are very Japanese inspired with the new cut at the top. They are very practical and for summer keep you cool. I love the simplicity of the top and the lack of sleeves mean you will keep cool in the office all day. 

Petite Navy Sleevless Shirt - £10.00  - I loved the first shirt so much i found this one in Dorothy Perkins, so i decided to pick this up. This one is a little longer in the body but still feels and works in the same way as the top from H&M. I was shocked this was in the sale too as such a good price, and of course being in the petite range, which i wouldn't say i am petite but i can sure get away with wearing this range. 

Petite Crochet Top with Lace Collar -  £10.00 - I love Crochet and this cute collar in this sleeveless top is beautiful, and when i saw this in the sale isle, i had to get this. The shirt is the perfect length and adds that even to the front. It is very work practical and is sleeveless for the summer months. Complete bargain! 

Petite Sleeveless Top - £12.00  - I do love a good pattern, and as the rest of my choices so far have been a little on the plain side, i decided to switch it up with this top. I adore floral print and this is no exception, throw in a peter pan colour and this makes the perfect pretty top for the office. I was shocked this item wasn't in the sale and was excellent value for money. Perfect when you don't want to spend a lot for work wear. 

Stripe Sleeveless Top - £12.00  - I saw a top similar to this on New look but was sold out, and i couldn't find it in three stores that i tried. So i was glad to find something practically the same on Dorothy Perkins, it throws together casual and office all in one.  It keeps you cool in the summer and looks great. I do think i might wear this more out of office as it seems quite long and doesn't work too well with anything but a skirt. But i'm sure this will be excellent to rock with jeans or denim shorts. Even better this was in the sale!

Short Sleeved Floral Dress - £14.99 - H&M make some excellent office dresses and this really caught my eye, it's simple yet elegant and it really looks smart. I love the floral patterning on it and this dress fits so well in all the right places. 

I hope this little edit gives you an idea of where to look. H&M and dorothy perkins are personally my favourite for office wear. New Look does too hold a lot of great things, and even with that, you can grab little pieces like this even in the sales, so keep your eyes pealed. Get out there and hunt down these hot bargains!

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