Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Italian Getaway - Rome - Day one

This Summer I was very lucky to hop skip on a plane and fly over to Italy, a place I had wanted to go for quite sometime. 

As a lover of all things Roman History, naturally, the first stop on my agenda was Rome. 

The first day was spent taking in the stunning roman streets, filled with old buildings, Churches and lots of food and wine!

The Spanish Steps were wonderful and a man proposed to his wife at the bottom at the bottom as we looked on.

Religion was clearly at the forefront with Jesus being the true martyr in Rome who is find on statue's and obylsk's all over Rome. 

Sadly a lot of things seemed to be under repair, with the trevi fountain drained and covered in clear plastic barriers and of course the fountain at the bottom of the spanish steps was also being cleaned and maintained. Rome really prides it's history and preservation, somewhat i felt proud seeing how much they cared about their monuments, unlike us who leave a lot to chance of the vicious pigeon's!

I really enjoyed the first easy breezy day, waking up at 5am for a plane and then spending hours checking in, it was nice to take in the stunning beauty I'm preparation for the big tourist filled day ahead!

Part two coming soon...

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