Thursday, 11 December 2014

Beauty Haul - FeelUnique and Selfridges

So as it was Black Friday and Cyber Monday, i decided to have a look for some deals and see what items i could get my hands on.

I first turned to FeelUnique which had a great 15% off all items in the sale and this were the goodies i picked up 

COLAB Dry Shampoo Tokyo 200ml- I have a love hate relationship with dry shampoo and since my favourite Dove Dry Shampoo is really hard to come by, i thought i would pick up this shampoo to try.. I really hope this will be as good as i have heard many great reviews.and i have high expectations for this product, especially as this product claims to have a invisible sheer formula. 

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Serum 30ml - Vichy have impressed me with their shampoo and now i have ventured to see what their skincare has to hold. I have not ventured too far into serum's but since the only one i have tried has a been a few samples of BioEffect EGF serum which is sadly £125 a go for 15ml! I was on the hunt for something more in my budget.

Caudalie Moisturizing Toner 400ml - I love Caudalie, their body moisturiser and of course the most highly rated product the Beauty Elixar is one of my all time favourite product's i wanted to see what the toner was like. This is one step i usually skip in my routine and i really want to put it in, and this will give me the chance to give this a whirl. 

I also got the Loreal moisturiser sample to try and the Guerlain Perfume, which were two samples i wanted to give a shot as you can never try too many of either and i am always after a better moisturiser and a new perfume scent, so hopefully these will be ones i do like too. 

Bare mineral SPF15 Original Foundation in the shade Light - I could not believe Selfridges deal on bare mineral's this christmas for £12, which gives you a full size pot of mineral foundation (usually retails from like £18-27), I had to take up this offer and stock up as this is my favourite foundation. The offer is still on but sadly the shade changes from time to time. From the look's of offer and from my delivery it appears they are having an overstock clear out on this product, so be prepared for two completely different lids like the ones above. Both are the same product and the same shade, so do not panic when you get these.

DISCLAIMER: These items were purchased by me and for me. This is not a sponsored post and all opinions on the items talked about are mine. The photography in this post was shot by myself for this blog. 

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