Saturday, 20 December 2014

Golden wonder - Lush Bath Bomb

Golden Wonder is one of the top selling bath bombs from Lush, especially at the Christmas period. It is a glittery bath bomb in the shape of a present with a fresh white bow on top. But the interest that sparked my attention is what's in that present, if you shake it you will hear some sort of rattle inside and when i picked this one up at Lush, i really wanted to know what makes you wonder about this golden surprise. 

As i dropped it in the bath, i was surprised to see after a few minutes that the bath doesn't stay the golden colour like you would imagine it to. Instead inside the bath bomb is a blue coloured layer which once mixed with the gold, it turns your bath green. 

This is a great idea, however for a Christmas Bath bomb, the bath turns more of a lime green which to me isn't really the green of christmas. However the added fun of the bath really was nice to see. 

As the bath bomb began to disolve further the rattling surprise became apparent and i begn to see little stars floating around in the bath. I can't say i was overall impressed by this and the stars were a bit lacking.

However Lush has improved with it's products and Golden Wonder highlights this especially.  In a lot of the older lush products, these little surprises used to contain little plastic parts which have sadly been found in dead fish and marine life across the world. As Lush's policy is against animal testing and product threats to animal life, Lush soon changed these Part's to more dissolvable substances which will now form a part of the water cleaning process and will not end up in our lakes, rivers and surrounding oceans. Major props Lush!

Overall for me the bath bomb is great but i can't say that it will be one on my list to repurchase. My favourite lush bath bombs are more creamy and moisturising and as someone who suffers from dry skin, i really love the bath bombs that help me out just that little bit. I feel this is one for a bit of added fun for your bath time and if you really love to look that much more glittery than normal.

Golden Wonder is a Lush Christmas only Bath Bomb and will not only be available in Lush stores participating in the Lush Christmas stock sale. 

This item was purchased by me, for me and this post is not sponsored. 

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