Thursday, 18 December 2014

Boujouis Healthy Mix Serum Gel review

There is so much hype surrounding the healthy mix gel foundation that I had to give it a tester. Everyone says the foundation has fantastic coverage properties, it is light and has near perfect colour match. Let's get down to it. 

The packaging itself is nice, it's simple with an explanation of the product and what ingredients it's uses. The colour match for me is near perfect, I chose the light beige option because of my fair complexion and I can say it looks one of the best I've tried. The foundation is smooth and glides on well and is very blend able. 

The coverage however is another question and for anyone who likes a heavier finish won't be too happy with this. It also is not great for covering any hormonal spots either. 

Overall I think this is one to get out in summer before the tan and leave it tucked away for summer. I believe I need a heavier coverage at this time of the year to avoid covering my face with more concealer than actual foundation. The foundation itself does not last too long either. I would put it as around 3-4 hours on a busy day. More of you are taking it easy. 

Overall I think this product is fantastic to work with and really isn't to blend and it's not one to look Cakey. All in all for winter I prefer their original foundation which has slightly longer lasting power and a thicker coverage. 

This is not a sponsored post. 

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