Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Kiko Make Up Haul

After coming across Kiko in Italy, I have always wanted to create my own eyeshadow palette with their infinity and infinity and sparkle eyeshadows and try the Universal Fit foundation. I decided to order this online because if you know the store and it's layout, you really get sucked into the eyeshadows and literally want to buy one in every shade you love. A good thing and a bad thing all in one go.

The palette was really easy to put together, it has a new system called the Clic system, which i have to say is a very typical but genius Italian trait and it makes it so much easier to create a palette. I really love this feature as i feel they are a lot easier to create than the mac palettes. The mac palette lid is a lot more flimsy and sometimes to me it feels like the little decanted eyeshadows will fall out. 

Sadly one eyeshadow came to me damaged but Kiko have give me a voucher (more than i paid for the eyeshadow!) so i can spend to get a new one and for some reason I couldn't count and ordered one eyeshadow too short. However i am very happy with the colours. I went for more a neutral pink tone as for me i really think pinky tones suit my eyes as I am very fair. I think my next colour will lean more towards the brown. 

The shades are extremely pigmented and very affordable, I picked these in the sale for £2.80 each, £2.80 in their current sale! These are usually £5.90 each which by MAC standards these are currently at the minute way way less than the MAC which retail at £10.00 for de-potted or £15.00 for potted eyeshadows. 

I will for deffo be heading over there on payday to spend my voucher and pick up some more colours.

The Universal Fit hydrating foundation is also an amazing product and after seeing this one mentioned around the internet i had to pick it up. It currently retails at £6.90. I got this in the sale at £5.60 and i love it, the formula is spot on for my skin and it blends in so well. It feels more like a bb or cc cream than a foundation. I think this has really brought back my love for liquid foundations. Bar the MAC Studio Fix, foundation for me is a hit and miss, a lot of them never suit me, cling to my dry patches and don't last long. You won't be disappointed because the Universal Fit one has nailed it.

Since i will be going back to Italy to holiday this year, if i find a Kiko store (even though we do have one near where i live!), I don't think i'll be coming out of it for QUITE some time.

You can pick these up on Kiko's website or stores which are now across (and coming across) the UK. 


  1. I'm intrigued by the foundation! It sounds amazing, and so affordable. My MAC Studio Fix is also a hit and miss for me, sometimes it just really doesn't like my skin!

    xx angela | the sunday chapter

    1. Yeah I know what you mean. This one imho is better. I recommend it!