Sunday, 15 February 2015

MAC Lipsticks - Viva Glam VS Creamsheen

MAC is one of the most rated brands for lipstick's on the market. I was keen to see what all the fuss was about and what is the difference between the two. I decided to Pick up one from the VIVA Glam range, VI Frost (In the red) and Coral Bliss (In the Silver). 

 The two were beautiful colours, the Frost colour is more of a plumb red with glitter and the Coral Bliss is a Coral Pink. I picked both of these because of the colours when i saw these on the counter. So I decided to try these out.

 Coral Bliss I can't say I am happy with this lipstick that much, it did not pay off much on my lips, which are normally quite pink. However this colour did work well, when i got it to work. The formulation of this lipstick, which i assume is for all the Creamsheen lipsticks was very difficult to work with. It took a good few applications and the lipstick felt very solid, it didn't seem to blend very well. I assume these are meant to be a matte finish, which i feel is a bit deceiving for the title.

Frost however was miles better, i love how this colour looks on my lips and looked great with my colour. The lipstick was a lot softer and only took one application. It even had a fantastic smell which made applying it enjoyable. I love a nice smelling lip product. The product was very blend-able and easy to work on the lips. I just loved everything about this lip product. 

Overall, i don't think i will be quick to repurchase a creamsheen after i picked up this one, unless i hear anything otherwise, maybe i just got a bad lipstick or something but it wasn't as creamy as it seemed. However the Viva Glam range, i would love to extend and possible try the satin to see if these range are any different. 

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.

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