Saturday, 2 May 2015

Benefit They're Real VS Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Mascara - Review.

So i recently finished my Benefit They're Real Mascara and i have to say i did love it at first, but the more i used it, the more i feel out of love with it. So I was on the hunt for something else and i believe this is it.

The benefit mascara is a staple but since it came out, i feel mascara's have gotten so much better. The benefit one is really thick, i think the idea of this was the make lashes look fuller. It's really black and really packs on a punch to make your mascara look more real.

The problem with this revolution to me is that generally mascara dries up, and with the formula being thicker, I feel it dries up so quickly and for the price of this mascara i really think that it should last longer.

I used it for three months and in the third month I hated every second of it, it was far more clumpy, the wand had built up and it was so hard to do bottom lashes.

As it dried up, as the days went on, the fall out from this mascara made this mascara unreal. It was like my eye lashes were falling out all over.

So i decided to go back to drugstore, I have used the rocket from Maybelline, which kind of did the same thing, but was a lot more affordable than the benefit mascara so i wasn't bothered, so i turned to something different.

I turned to volume.

I have been using this Bourjois mascara now for close enough to three months now and so far it is going extremely strong. I have had no clumps, no fall out, the mascara lasts longer, my lashes actually look more real because they are longer and more defined. My lashes don't stick together, it comes off way easier and i really love how it applies.

The mascara is a little thinner, which i believe makes all the difference, it doesn't dry up so quick because the formula is a lot more water based, this makes it glide on better and give an overall better finish. The eye lashes look longer and really open up your eyes.

I love the wand, it's so effortless, you barely have to spend ages getting the right look, for me it takes two sweeps and my mascara is on perfectly.

A lot of you have been looking for alternatives and this is mine.

So what Mascara have you been loving? Leave a comment below letting me know.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.


  1. I agree the drugstore has some amazing mascaras for great prices and some are way better than high end .

    1. I completely agree and i so prefer drugstore at the minute. I need to try the rollerlash but i want to see what the hype is about.