Sunday, 10 May 2015

My Favourite Finds - Summer Shoes 2015

So i was pouring the web and I felt inspired to write a post on the shoes which i am loving for summer.

Office Olivier Low Wedge Leather Sandal - £45.00 - These Sandals are stunning, i love a good wedge but for walking in style in the sun, I want something comfortable and these shoes are ideal. i love the colour and the slight gladiator style and the straps on this one give you so much ankle support. Definitely a summer staple. 

Tom's season woven flats in Black - £50.00 - I love love Tom's and for walking long distances like i will be my summer treck in italy, i want something that not just looks good i want something that feels good. I love my current plain Tom's in the summer for walking around in the UK and I want to carry on looking stylish in these as well as comfortable. 

Topshop Hotel Embellished Studded Sandals - £28.00 - Comfortable but perfect for an evening out. I really believe these Sandals are the business when it is too hot to wear full covered shoes or heels on your feet. These will easily go with a long dress, playsuit or even light summer trousers. 

Dune Kruiz Gold Peep Toe Wedge Sandals - £45.00  - These are just such stunning wedges. These are perfect for a summer night out. I love the peep toe detail and the colour. The head over heal's range is always so comfortable as well as stylish. 

White Laser Cut Ballerina Pump - £25.00  - Summer wouldn't be summer without a good ballet pump and this one is just beautiful. The laser cut does not just look beautiful but it gives your feet room to breathe which is key in summer. 

Haviana Slim Flip Flops - £22.00 - We all love a good easy flip flop for the beach and these Haviana's are perfect for the occasion. You can easily get all the sand out and you won't but your feet. These slim ones are perfect for us ladies to compliment the feet so they don't look too bulky.

And there you have it, these are my top pics for shoes this summer. Let me know which shoes you are loving these season.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. 


  1. I love the tan office ones! They look so versatile. In such a shoe shopping mood!

  2. Those leather sandals are perfect! I'm all for comfy shoes in the summer! I love how they have the strap around the ankle as I'm useless in flipflops haha