Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Free Gift With Purchase - Feel Unique - Summer Gift Bag 2015

So my big feelunique order came in and with this it came with a fantastic gift with purchase, a summer bag with lots of freebies to try. I love freebies and feel unique are finally stepping up to the plate with this and in a very big way. I love when stores do this because not only does it encourage more sales initially but it allows people to try things that they possibly wouldn't have tried before. An excellent try before you buy, which for feel unique is excellent as all these items will be on their website. A few of these products are high end so these trial sizes are perfect.

The bag was sealed up and following products were in the bag.

Bourjois Easy nail Art kit - Sadly the only place i can find this kit is Sold out on the Selfridges website, so i assume this here shortly in more stores and on feel unique shortly. This is a fantastic brand new idea from Bourjois who seem to be dipping more and more into the nail cosmetic range. It is a nifty little nail kit in which you get various stencils and nail tape so you can create fancy nail art on top of your nail polishes.  I always find nail art so difficult and confusing to do and now i believe kits like this will make everything so much easier. 

REN Centifolia Make up Remover  - I have never tried anything from REN and i was happy to see that have brought out a separate make up remover stage to their range. I believe a lot of people do forget to second cleanse and hopefully this stage will help people to realise that taking make up of and cleansing your face should be two separate stages. This sample is quite a hefty one and very good for a free gift with purchase. I cannot wait to give this a whirl on my summer holiday travels this year. 

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Light Moisturiser - Sadly i am actually allergic to some ingredients in this so this will have to be something i give away. However the sample size of this pot is amazing. It is a 15ml jar and allows you to really get stuck into the moisturiser to see if you like it. If this wasn't this moisturiser i would have been extremely happy with this sample size.

ELEMIS Pro Collagen Ultra Rich Marine Cream - I believe this  range is one of ELEMIS's top sellers and i was thrilled to see this brand was in here. Sadly i have never tried anything from this brand so i am very excited the first thing i try is this. I have heard this moisturiser plumps the face and gives it a brighter healthier glow so i am looking forward to a few good nights with this doing wonders to my face.

Matias Response Corrective Hyaluronic Performance - I cannot say i have ever heard of this brand however anything with Hyaluronic acid it in is right up my street as it is one ingredient that my face loves. I am very excited to see the results from this to see if it does better than my hydraluron which is an all time cult classic for me. 

Laura Geller Spackle Treatment Primer - First of all Spackle? Apparently a hydration formula that now only primes but heals the face. An interesting concept that keeps appearing. I do love a good primer, a bit of shame the full price isn't as cheap as the benefit, however i am not afraid to give this a go, i will see if this has it's spackling powers shortly.

Benefit High Beam - I always see this when i go up to a benefit counter and the thought of using this has terrified me. I can't say i am impressed with products that start at a liquid that you have to work in the face, the fact daunts me a little. Maybe i will conquer this fear and give it a whirl.

John Freda Sea Salt Spray - Sadly another which i will have to give away i believe. I don't have long enough hair to really appreciate this and i do not have the ability to create long healthy waves. However i have tried a lot of john freda products and i believe this will be no exception.

Caudalie Divine Oil - Oh i love me some Caudalie and oil so this is a match made in heaven. I cannot wait to put this on my skin. The thing i love about Caudalie is the smells and the wonderful natural ingredience inside every bottle. I am excited for this one. I have heard a lot of good reviews on this so i believe i will love this product.

As well as the free lovely red bag which for me will be perfect this summer when i hit the beach.

And there you have it, such a great mixed bag of summer travel sizes for you to try.

Check it out on feel unique where this bag is free with £80 spend.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored i just loved this free gift so much :)


  1. Think I might just have to have a little (or quite big) shop just to get this gift bag! I agree such a good incentive! x


    1. You totally should, i love incentives like these, i even got a free redken travel kit gift with purchase for buying that, which i will be saving for my holiday in September. Every company should do it, people love the gifts as it gives you chance to try before buy and a lot of the times it makes people buy it because they liked the samples.