Thursday, 7 January 2016

Casetify iPhone 6 cases - Stay Gold and Marble collection.

I was on the hunt for a brand new iPhone 6 case, the only one i had was one of the first ones that were readily available and the case was getting more and more ruined so i needed something new. . So I decided to search the web and came across this site Casetify which i was thrilled with. The site hosts thousands upon thousands of amazing designs for your phone case and I was utterly spoilt for choice on which I should pick and these are the two i chose from the bunch. 

Hearts - This case is from a brand new collection called Stay Gold. This collection is a gold foil collection which is printed onto the design of the case which is a first i have ever seen like this, which really caught my eye. When you move the phone with the case back and forth (as demoed on the webpage linked) it reflects back at you and i thought that was such a cool idea. I can't say it does it as well than in the gif's on the site, which i was a little disappointed with, but it does look pretty good. What I also like about this case is the simple design, as a lot on the site have really loud patterns, which aren't really my thing. 

Gold Marble - This was designed by Mara Olga Klara, I can't say any of her other designs struck me, but this one i fell utterly in love with. I have to say i am a huge fan of the marble effect phone cases and other accessories, but I wanted something different from the standard white, grey and black ones i have seen. I think the gold element really made the case, it looks more unique and gives off a kind of classy effect to it. It isn't reflective  like the Heart case from the stay gold collection but the design really gives off the illusion that it does which is extremely clever.  

What i love about the cases is the band around the outside, i can really see how hardwearing and sturdy the case is, which i know if i drop my phone (which i have done) it will not break and will protect it.

I also love how the case allows you to clip in and out the back designs so you just need one frame. I wish i knew this though and i think Casetify really needs to change it's marketing on this because a lot of people could save a lot of money and even consider buying more backing case clips. This could have saved me some money, but i think i will find a use and give the case as a gift to someone and order some more back clip designs for myself and one for this case.

The pricing is fair, but if like me you live outside the USA you will be charged a fee to change this into dollars, so please be aware of this before purchasing, the products also get made in Hong Kong and ship to your country so please be aware if the item takes time to come.

All in all, i was extremely happy with the case and the postage service, i really have fallen in love with these cases and i think i will for sure be looking to order more from this brand and even for my iPad.

Note: This post is NOT sponsored by Casetify or any partners. 

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