Monday, 11 January 2016

Kate Spade Cedar Street - Handbag and Purse Review.

So I had been after a designer handbag and purse for quite some time, and I had always really loved the Kate Spade collection for many reasons. Luckily the sales were on my side and i was able to get my hands on something special.

The Kate Spade Cedar Street range is one of my favourites, the Black especially is very classy and very simple. 

The handbag itself is a reasonable size as I wasn't after a vey large bag. My reasoning for this as when I go out, I don't want to be carrying tones of stuff with me like I have in the past, so I picked a bag where I could ensure I would only take essentials and my purse with me.

I also wanted something high quality which i can use for years to come as i have had a lot of cheaper bags and purses which really don't last me more than a year, so it was time for me to invest in something i could keep.

I did also want a bag in Black. I just find a black bag goes with absolutely everything, and as it seems i am, like many, going through that whole Monochrome style, I know it will fit the now and the future.

I too wanted something a little bit different. A lot of people where I live are really into Michael Kors, Louis Vutton and Mulberry (albeit it sadly you can tell a lot of it is fake), and I just wanted to be a little bit different. Kate Spade really isn't as huge in the UK as it is in America, so i was happy to find something designer that I felt made me look a little bit unique and not like everyone else.

Michael Kors, the affordable side of it, which was sort of the same budget I spent on the Kate Spade wasn't at all my style. I can't say I very fond of the Tote range everyone seems to be buying and the colour range isn't really my thing at the moment. I think the only ones I didn't mind were far into the £1000's which are so far from my budget I could never see me buying one.

I do like Mulberry, but personally right now, I cannot justify the price of that bag, and with me still being young, i wouldn't live with myself if i spent that much and accidentally ruined it. Not just that with wanting to get myself a car this year (if i pass my test) which is to me a much more at the minute, worth while investment than a bag i felt i needed to go down a notch. The one I like isn't in Black either, so this will be an investment maybe later in life when i feel like my life is a little more settled.

I went to several stores to check this bag out before i purchased it, and i did a lot of research on what people had to say online and i really was sold on it. It has been a few years in the making of purchasing these two items, which i would advise. It was one i came back to looking at time and time again and never regretted it.

When I received it i really was happy with leather quality which is is top notch. The bag itself feels sturdy and long wearing, and the brushed effect on it really adds to the design which I didn't really think i would love, but i really did. 

The lining of the bag is beautiful, the gold foil lining is beautiful of the spots and spades, and even the gold spade stuff is such a beautiful touch. The bag does not have any sections but it does have pouches and a zipper pocket. The pouches are useful for your phone and even passport if you are travelling and the zipper for anything you think might get lost in your bag. 

You can clearly see the quality of the bag and how much goes int the detail, even on the bag zip, the Spade logo stud is on the zip. All of the hardware is gold which I do really love, I think it is very classy on a white bag. I find silver hardware on the black can be a bit dull and just doesn't seem as classy as gold. 

The same can be said for the quality of the purse which i was able to luckily get with the gold hardware, which it seems they have now switched for the silver hardware. I don't think i understand why they have done this because the bag and purse will no longer match.  

I really wanted the lacy over the stacey as i wanted enough room to be able to put my coins and cards in, this purse I really feel has so much space, especially compared to my old Cath Kidston red spotty  case.

I love the little spotty design, I don't mind that this is mismatched because I really love how well the black and white goes with the black leather and white design. I think the layout of the purse is great,  the zipper in the middle, coin slots to each side 6 cards slots on each side. What is also amazing is that it has two spaces for notes. This is a great for me as Europe is one place i go to every year as my dad lives half the year in Italy, so having that space so i can have Euro's in one side and Pound notes in the other is really going to be handy. 

All in all, for the price i paid (which actually was less than current as I got both of these in the sale) I am very thrilled with my purchase. Of course these are expensive, but I feel the price was right for the right moment. I know this bag and purse will last me for years to come and I can rest assured I know i will love this bag for a long time, and when it comes to it, i won't regret spending on this when it comes for a new change. 

DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored post. 

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