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Christmas Gift Guide - Skincare and Grooming - Men

Men are changing in the skincare and grooming world, but there are still a few of your out there who are struggling, so let's hope i can give you and your ladies a little help with that special gift for you under the tree.

Ren Grab and Go Kit - I have started with a big bang here. This 

is the Grab and go kit from REN, this pack is jamb packed with everything you need to keep your skin and hair looking prim to perfection. REN is a very popular and raved about brand by the ladies of the blogosphere so this really is fantastic for men. This pack includes a cleanser, shampoo, eye gel, body wash, conditioner, body cream, lip balm and moisturiser. I mean wow! This pack has everything you could possibly need! This kit might not be for someone who wants a simple routine but more for a man who likes to or really wants to up his skin and haircare game. So line up men, your skin and hair will feel dreamy.

Clinique for Men Essentials Kit - Clinique has stepped up to the plate and also brought two fantastic kits with all the basics here to get your skin looking Sharp. The kit includes a face wash, scrub, moisturiser and eye cream. Another fantastic kit for skin care fans or for a gift for someone who wants to take care of their skin better. This kit isn't as overwhelming as the REN and great to get you started if you feel too many products and focuses on the skincare side. I wouldn't be knocking that bauble of the tree to see this kit in a man's hands. 

Gillette Fusion ProGlide Gift Set  - I have heard a lot of men rave about this brand new styler and I can see with good reason why. The set comes with four different blades and a clear gel which makes seeing what you shave easier. This tool allows you to style and to shave your beard completely. A nice new different shaver, more close to the clean razor shave comes this pack. Get grooming.

 Joop! Homme - I know, it's Pink but this affordable priced Cologne is really masculine and fresh. It is a very woody, tree and floral scent but not at all feminine, i really like this scent and i think it is great for the younger man in your life. 

Old Spice Whitewater Gift Sets - For the older man in your life, Old Spice is a classic, but this one is the White Water range which is a little fresher and more youthful smelling than the original. I thinks this is a great upgrade of the old spice lover to give them a twist on their classic favourite. Spice up your life. 

Ralph Lauren - World of Polo - For the more sophisticated gentleman the world of polo set is a fantastic kit to top up or introduce the range of polo fragrances. This set in a lovely presentation box is a perfect gift for christmas and will make your man smell top mark.

John Lewis Grooming Tim - In the theme of Movember, maybe your man is carrying on with Decembeard. This little handy travel kit will allow your man to brush and trim that beard till it is neat and perfectly shaped. It comes with all the basic tools to keep up to the beard and hopefully allow you to avoid the prickles.

And that was my mens skincare and grooming List. Fashion Gift ideas coming soon...

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