Friday, 14 November 2014

Italian Getaway - Rome - Day Two - Vatican City

Day one was an extremely chilled and laid back, but day two was to be a different story, i donned it the touristy day, the first stop on our list was Vatican City. 

The first stop was the museum. You soon learn walking around why the Catholic Church is one of the richest establishments in the world. They have so many rich marble rooms and tapestry's which are older than the majority of the people that walk the floors of the Vatican. 

They even have the famous tapestry of Jesus when he arose, which is priceless.

And various styles of statue from the ages, including one that looks quite Egyptian, interesting to say this is a Catholic establishment. 

The cystine chapel was our next stop, upon respect the beliefs of Catholic people, i refrained from taking any pictures in the famous chapel. Michelangelo's paintings truly are stunning and if you love mind blowing art you must not give it a miss. 

We decided we wanted to have a good view of Rome and the city, we ventured to climb to the to top of St Basillica's Chapel. All i will say is, if your unfit, have a bad heart or really hate small spaces, you will be best refraining from this. Don't be fooled by the lift, it only takes you half way.

After we caught our breath, we took in the incredible view. You could see for miles from Vatican City all the way to Rome. 

The chapel was our final stop on our vatican adventure, and well, grandeur is not to be spared. All the glitters, really is gold. 

The whole Room was stunning, to even contemplate how people created this room astounds me. We really are a dedicated and passionate species to produce such man made beauty. From the marble walls, to the carvings, the stain glassed windows to the carved gold. The biggest and richest chapel in the whole of Rome truly is marvellous to see.

And with that, we had finished all we had time for in the Vatican as the rest of our Roman adventures awaited. Part three coming soon...

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