Sunday, 9 November 2014

Zoella Beauty - Blissful Mistful Review.

Now that i have had the brand new Zoella Fragrance Blissful Mistful  fragrance for a few weeks now, i thought i would share my verdict on the youtube starlets first line into the beauty market.

The packaging first of all is really beautiful, it really catches the eye as it is clean, classic and simple with a sprig of fun. I really love the rose gold red lid and the little white spots (which blend perfectly into my duvet in the background!), which really tie together well with the writing upon the bottle.

It really does look like a luxurious brand and with 75ml, you really can't go wrong with a perfume that looks nice with a very low price of £8.00

Now let's get down to the scent itself. I really love the scent, it has sweet notes to it, but not too overpowering to make it sickly. As this is a cheap fragrance i didn't have too many high expectations but overall i am very pleased with the scent.

However, though loving the scent it sadly doesn't seem to linger, not like my more expensive perfumes like my Lacoste Touch Of Pink  or my Lancome Miracle which linger for hours. I do think that possibly spending a little more on the product would really allow it to compete with higher brands ,especially now that Jo Mallon it making sweet the new fashion with her top range of sweet smelling perfumes. 

The cost of the item is very well priced, she really has thought about appealing to her younger audience by giving them a fragrance they can afford. Keeping things affordable is a way of Zoe giving back for all the faithful 6 million viewers she has achieved.

However I do believe for the line to succeed more and for the interest in her line to expand, it does need to apply to some of her older viewers. Being the same age as Zoe and watching her grow from when she barely even had 100,000 subscribers i do feel a little let down by the product.

Though the perfume is nice, i don't really believe i will purchase another bottle. The scent is nice for summer and just for a little sprits here and there but, i really need a perfume that lasts all day and has more of a mature scent. 

Overall i believe the scent is a fantastic first attempt in the beauty market and definitely smells better than anything one direction or britney spears can product and i hope in time she can push further and appeal more to the market of her own age group to really get herself to the top.

I wish her luck. 

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