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My 2014 Beauty and Skincare Favourites


I hope you are having a good one or have had a fantastic new years eve. To end the year I thought it was time to talk about my 2014 favourites. I apologies for this picture, for some reason, adding lighting makes your bedding look really strange when taking pictures. However let us press on to the favourites.


Real Techniques Expert Face Brush  - This brush is not the easiest to clean, however for the price it is an excellent Brush for liquid foundation. It blends the foundation perfectly in the skin and doesn't leave streaky marks like some cheaper brushes do. I have tried a number of brushes for foundation and this seems to be the best one out their, the foundation brush in this range should be scrapped over this one as it does nothing for blend ability.

Sleek Make Up Blush in the Shade Coral - I am sorry for how grubby the outer packaging looks on my picture but it is my most loved blush and my favourite of 2014. I feel this blush is a good all rounder for the year and very good value for money. Not just that the sleek blush line is amazing and expansive, If this colour isn't for you, you will find one in their range that hits the mark for you. To me this is a dark Coral tone which gives you enough pigmentation to work with. It easily allows you  brush it on very lightly to give a natural looking flush look in the summer and in the winter you can make it a little darker for that cold winter flush. I have been using this blush all year round and I have loved it. It's really been the perfect shade for me this year.

Benefit Gimmie Brow in Light / Medium - Oh wow, this is one amazing brow product. I was a bit late to this game and after rave reviews I caved and purchased it and by gosh do i not regret it. Whenever my brows are looking really worst for wear, this baby comes out leaps and bounds to sort them out. The little brush allows you to get in between those fine hairs and makes your brows look so natural, filling in those really hard to get to gaps. I use this mostly after my eyebrows have just been done to maintain the shape.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Medium -  I won't go on too much because ever blogger in the world has commented how good this is, i will say though i have tried a lot of concealers this year from Rimmel, Boujois, Maybelline and Revlon and not one of these has matched up to it. I may have to dip into the make up savings account for the NARS Radiant Creamy concealer at some point to see what the hype is about as that is one that gets raved about more than this one. However this is a cracking buy for concealer.

Tanya Burr Lipgloss in Champagne Toast - These lip glosses are so far one of the best products from any youtuber this year. This one smells and looks fantastic on the lips, it is a nude shade with sparkle and looks fantastic for any event. The gloss glides on perfectly and is not really sticky like some lip glosses i have had in the past and i rarely get my hair stuck on it. I do love this shade a lot as well as Aurora from this range. I have yet to try any of the new shades but i am sure to get my mit's on some of those.

Soap and Glory Archery Brow Tint and Pencil in Brownie Points - For a cheaper alternative to the Gimmie Brow, this one really saves the day. I love this because it tints the eyebrow with the pen side and with the waxy side, you can easily shape the brow and fill in any gaps the pen misses. I tend to use this when my eyebrows just need a little touch up.

Benefit They're Real Mascara  - I do love this Mascara as much as last year and i have only found the models co mascara that at all. This mascara makes your lashes look curly and volumised. The mascara is very easy to apply, it does however take a little bit of getting off, however for the curl and volume is gives, totally work that extra work to get it off.

Soap and Glory The Lid Stuff Eyeshadow - I've honestly reached for this little palette more than i have my naked palette this year, which will come as a shock. this little palette is perfect for a quick on the go look. I mainly use this for when i go to work because of how basic it is, i can happily wear this and still feel great with my look because it contains all you need for a professional eyeshadow look. The palette has excellent pigmentation and has a white shade for the base, brow and inner conners, a light peach tone for the lid and two brown shades which you can blend together, one has more of a glitter effect for over the top of the solid brown shade. All you need in four shades.

Bare Minerals Original SPF 15 Foundation - I have become a recent fan of bare minerals and honestly it's become the only thing i like using. The coverage is flawless, the finish is perfect and it looks like you aren't wearing any foundation. I did think a powder foundation would be difficult to apply but i do find it easier to apply than a lot of liquid foundations. I would recommend everyone who is a sceptic to try this and you would be surprised.


Botanics Shine Away Clay Mask -  A great affordable mask that i have been loving this year. This mask has really kicked my spots and blemishes to the curb whenever my face starts to break out. The mask is easy to apply and easy to wash off the face. This is a top mask and really good value for money. This one has really been a great staple to my summer mask routine.

Soap and Glory No Clogs Allowed Self Heating Deep Poor Detox Mask - I love this mask more for the winter months as it really does warm up your face and really keeps deep into the pours and claws the dirt out. I love the self heating beads the most and when you have had a rough day and all you want to do is feel cosy and warm and need to clean your face, this product is perfect.

Dr Organic Rose Otto Night Cream - I love this natural moisturiser and I haven't found anything else that I like, like it. This makes my skin feel positively flourished after use and it helps keep my blemishes at bay as I sleep. The smell of this does smell a little old fashioned, a bit like pot popery.

Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Jelly - Oh this is marvellous, i alternate this with my moisturiser and my skin feels so hydrated. I suffer from dry skin from time to time and this is the only thing that rectify's it.

Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisturising Facial Serum  -  It was my favourite last year and has been my favourite this year. In pair with the moisture jelly, this makes my skin so hydrated and soft and gives it new life. I have noticed when i don't use a serum my face does break out for a little while so i will keep using this as well as another serum to alternate out. This is one amazing product, believe the hype.

Balance Me Radiance Face Oil - This is one of the best facial oils around and the handy roller ball which you can buy from the balance me site, makes it easier to apply on the face. I really don't like putting the oil on your hands and the hands getting all sticky and more on your hands than the face. This oil helps to repair my skin and also makes my face glow. Oil's are not to be missed out these are amazing products.

 Caudalie Beauty Elixir - Beauty Elixir is a hyped product and deserves it, this water spray is fantastic at giving your face radiance and life when it is looking a little dried out. This is fantastic over and under make up and will wake your face right up.

Le Roche Posay Effaclar Duo + - Spots be gone! This stuff is the stuff of the gods. Paired with a mask and a moisturiser you will have no problem at all with spots as effaclar targets and kills those red evil pimples. This is something you should always have in your collection.

 Super Facialist Vitamin C + Skins Brighter Cleansing Oil.  - If you want make up of your face and you don't want to pay for bioderma, this stuff is the business and in my opinion a heck of a lot better than these Micelular waters which really are full of so many nasty toxins. This is all natural and the oils blend together with your make up to get it off your face. It doesn't smell too bad either.


Japanese Cherry Blossom Eau De Toilette - Not a lot of people talk about body shop for their fragrances but i think they are wrong to think that way. The scents are just at good as anything from any other popular perfume range and better than anything from avon. This scent is such a fresh grown up scent and very floral. I really love wearing this scent and get a lot of compliments.

Sanex Sensitive Roll on Deodorant - I used to be a sure spray girl up until a few years ago, but after noticing this really wasn't doing me any favours, i tried a good few rolls on and this one is honestly the best i have ever tried. I am shocked how an earth such a cheap roll on keeps me fresh all day and beyond but it honestly is the best i have tried yet. I highly recommend this one.

Oral B 3D White Brillance - This is my favourite toothpaste of the moment, it really keeps my teeth pearly and white and protects my teeth. I used to use sensodyne but i was noticing that it was actually making my teeth and gums more sensitive, esentially defeating it's purpose so i decided to change to this one. I have no regrets.

And that is my 2014 favourites...FEW. A lot of products there that have rocked my world. I really hope that you have a great new year and maybe have found some new products to try out.

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