Sunday, 25 January 2015

Vichy Aqualia Thermal - Serum and Daily Care Moisturiser

The Aqualia Thermal range is from the Premium Skincare brand Vichy, from L'oreal. This range is more for those who need a little bit of Hydration in their skincare. They say this product range is also for those with sensitive skin, so the product itself should give you no irritation.

As someone who has sensitive skin and at this moment in time as it is winter, my skin really needs hydration, and i am always looking for good products to do this. So i decided to review these two products from this range and tell you what i think about Vichy's latest:

Vichy Light Aqualia Thermal Pot £16  - I was very pleased this was in  one of my beauty box's as I had wanted to try more from this range. This is the light version which you can tell from the feel of the moisturiser and the way it easily blends. This is great for people who really don't need or really hate the feel of cloggy thick moisturisers. In my opinion this a great day moisturiser for under make up. My skin did feel really nice after using it, and i did see signs of my skin looking better. Price wise, it is perfect for a moisturiser, there are a lot more that are far more expensive on the market, great value for money. Overall, lovely consistency and a great price. 

Aqualia Thermal Power Serum £17.00 - The serum itself is great, it is very light weight and bendable and i have seen visible results on especially area's where i had signs of redness. The packaging is a little bit of a let down with the pump, it is cheap plastic quality which does need room for improvement. For the price, i am very impressed, the product does exactly what is needed and for a serum, even in vichy's range, there are far more expensive alternatives. This for me is a night product and not something i would wear in the evening. Overall it is a great serum, does the job at a great price. 

Overall the range is great, it really makes your skin look and feel fantastic. The serum really targets the skin which is most dry and is easily cleared up with the moisturiser to make the full effects of the dryness take a stand still. The products were also of a great and affordable price compared to equally as good brand competitors.

For me the only real grip with this range is the perfume in the products, more so for me in the serum which seems a bit stronger.  I know the french love their skincare smelling great, but it's not something i like in my skincare. I have eczema so for me perfume is something that really irritates my skin and for a product that claims to be for sensitive skin, i feel this is a flaw. 

Maybe they need to bring out an unscented range because i would really be allover this and for now, i think this product will return in summer when my skin feels a little better, shame because serums are more of a winter saviour. 

These products are available at Feelunique, boots, escentual and super drug.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.

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