Sunday, 11 January 2015

Jewellery - Swarovski Crystal Ring - The Rare Ring

For so many years i've been after the perfect ring I can wear everyday and this little item was gifted to me and I am so glad that this ring is now mine. This is a Rose Gold Ring from Swarovski, it has the Crystal's inset in the ring and it looks gorgeous. I am a HUGE lover of Rose Gold, especially with jewellery because it really compliments my skin tone, and especially with the ring size. Due to it's size and thinness it is a great ring for layering, so once I get my hands on some more rings in rose gold to go with it, this will look more perfect and versatile. 

The only problem i have with Swarovski are the ring sizes, ring pictured is a size 52 and is sadly the smallest you can buy so for anyone with less than a size K the rings will be far too big for you. I originally was gifted a size 54 and it was far too big, but this ring happily fits on my middle finger, which does look great but is a bit disappointing as i did want this on my right ring finger.

If you guy's know of any rose gold rings that would look great with this please let me know, I am a size 50 on my middle ring finger, which seems to be a difficult one to find in rose gold.

You can get this ring here from Swarovski's website.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.